AIDC starts quarterly news diary

Here’s an excellent opportunity for South African NGOs.  Yesterday I received this email from Mark Weinberg at the Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC):

“The Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC) is working in  partnership with the National Community Radio forum (NCRF) to produce a quarterly Amandla! News Diary. The Diary aims to support community media projects in South Africa to set a progressive news agenda and plan for their current affairs programing/ editorial – supporting them to develop a practice of ‘peoples media’ rather than aping the commercial and public media  (following their stories, angles, and sources).

The Diary will contain a calendar of events and commemorations as well as contact detail of relevant sources and will be printed as  a poster and sent to all community radio stations (an other media) to display in their newsrooms every 3 months.

Please support this initiative by sending through a list of events/commemorations you think should be covered by community media during July, August, and September 2009. Also send the names, designations, and contact details of relevant comrades/spokespeople/sources that can speak to issues the events highlight. Your events/spokespeople should reach no later than 12 June.”

This sounds like a great initiative to me, and while the first deadline is 12th June, it looks like they’ll be sending out an update to newsrooms every 3 months. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your information and contact details to a wide range of community media outlets across the country, with minimal effort.


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