Arasa says show us the money!

One of the best media advocacy efforts I’ve come across in recent months is the “Lords of the Bling” campaign, by the Aids and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (Arasa).

The campaign involves a range of media material showing how much money Africa’s political leaders have spent on extravagant purchases, and then illustrating how much treatment for HIV and tuberculosis that same money could buy.

They’ve printed mock dollar notes, on one side with the face of a leader such as King Mswati of Swaziland or Muammar Gaddaffi, or George Bush, with the value of the ‘dollar note’ being the amount of money wasted:

On the reverse side, that same dollar figure is translated into the amount of treatment it could have bought:

Then, best of all as far as I’m concerned is the video on YouTube, bringing it all to life, with a great soundtrack:


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