Tactics for information activism

The tactical technology collective has produced several very useful toolkits on using technology for advocacy. Their latest is a documentary film called 10 Tactics for turning information into action. The film is available on DVD, which comes in a great little pack along with a set of cards, containing further tips and ideas. Some examples of the tactics are, Mobilise People, Amplify Personal Stories, and How to Use Complex Data.

The documentary film is 50 minutes long and features real-life case studies illustrating how each of the tactics have been, and can be applied. There is a great website, where you can get further information, view chapters of the film, view or download the tactics cards, and see where and when the film is being screened.

The collective is also working with organisations worldwide to host screenings of the film. My little consultancy company, Wingseed Media CC, is collaborating with Tactical Tech and Idasa to host a screening and discussion at Idasa’s premises in Cape Town, South Africa, on Wednesday, 17th March 2010. The  will be followed by a workshop on the 18th of March, for those who want a more in-depth experience.

If you’d like to attend, you can download the invitation here:



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