Brett Davidson My name is Brett Davidson. I work as an independent media consultant, assisting NGOs to develop communications and advocacy strategies, and with practical and effective ways of working with the media. I started this blog as a way of providing an ongoing resource to the people and organisations I work with.

At the moment I focus on three major projects or organisations: the Open Society Institute’s Health Media Program, the Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme, and the Citizen Journalism in Africa project. I work with OSI’s public health grantees in east and southern Africa, helping them strategise advocacy campaigns and get media exposure for their work.

I’m also media consultant to the Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (RHVP), which conducts research and advocacy work on social protection in several southern African countries. My most recent work for RHVP was to script and co-direct a 30-minute documentary for RHVP on cash transfers in southern Africa.

I’m very fond of the Citizen Journalism in Africa project, run by Sangonet and Hivos, which aims to help members of civil society organisations in the region acquire citizen journalism skills so that they can use the latest Web 2.0 and social media tools in their information, communication and advocacy work.

What’s my background? I have an MA in journalism and media studies from Rhodes University. I have worked as a radio journalist, presenter, producer and trainer. I have also worked as a manager in the NGO sector. I’m an experienced trainer and materials developer, and I also write and edit. Recent articles of mine have been published in Delivery Magazine (focused on local government), and Mobility magazine, a new publication focusing on transport issues.

You can reach me at brett@wingseedmedia.com


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  1. I liked the piece on demising newspapers

  2. Hi Brett, I am in the process of establishing a Foundation which will use multi media to highlight social injustices while working closely with civil society to promote democracy education through educational outreach programmes. I heared about your involvement with HIVOS from Jerushah at Impact Consulting. It would be great to meet with you and share common interests. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Regards, Kaylene

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