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Ben Kingsley stars in new Robin Hood tax video

Last month I featured a video promoting the idea of a Robin Hood Tax — a tiny tax on bankers that would give billions to tackle poverty and climate change across the world.

The campaign has just launched a new video, this time starring Ben Kingsley and some cast members from a couple of British TV series — the Inbetweeners, and Skins.

At the end of the video, there’s the opportunity for viewers to vote on whether they think the tax is a good idea or not.

Also have a look at the campaign website, to see other ways they are enabling supporters to get involved — it includes an option to put a Robin Hood mask on your Twitter profile.


Bill Nighy and the Robin Hood Tax

I love this campaign video for the Robin Hood Tax, starring Bill Nighy. The Robin Hood Tax is a proposal for a tiny, tiny tax on speculative financial transactions. This would generate billions of dollars, which could be used to fight poverty and climate change, and improve public services.

I just love the way the video cuts through the nonsense, and uses dialogue to put across a powerful message, while powrfully undercutting the opposition’s objections.