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Being gay — in Kenya and Zimbabwe

Sexual minorities are having a hard time of it in Africa these days. There’s a witch hunt on for homosexuals in Malawi, a pending draconian anti-gay bill in Uganda, and of course life for members of the LGBTI has never been easy in Kenya or Zimbabwe either. But nevertheless, people are finding ways to tell their stories and speak about the issues facing them.

In an article published on the Citizen Journalism in Africa site, Lesego Tlhwale of Behind the Mask highlights a project underway in Kenya, to produce a video documentary telling the story of gays and Lesbians in Kenya. The documentary is being produced by Gay Kenya, and the organisation is currently calling for volunteers who are prepared to tell their stories. You can find more details here.

Then also on Citizen Journalism in Africa, Milestah of GALZ has written about a 15-minute documentary produced by that organisation, featuring Zimbabwean gays and Lesbians telling their stories. The documentary is called Tinzweiwo (Hear our Plea), and it’s intended as a plea to fellow citizens to ensure that their rights are protected in a new Zimbabwean constitution. The DVD will be submitted to the Constitutional Committee.


Green and red cards for the media

I recently visited the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) in Kampala, Uganda. Over time they have built some good relationships with the media. I am used ┬áto a number of organisations having hard words for the media, but Cedovip seems to take a gentler approach — they do offer criticism when they’re unhappy with media coverage of domestic violence issues, but they do so gently. They also are careful to offer praise when it’s due. One of the ways they do this is by ┬ásending out green and red cards – green for praise, and red for criticism.

Cedovip green card

Cedovip red card

Green and Red cards reverse

Cedovip’s director, Tina Musuya, was recently the focus of a full-page feature in the Saturday edition of the New Vision newspaper. The journalist asked her some awful questions but she handled if very well. Have a look here.